5 Simple Home Cleaning Tips for Summer


Easy House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

It’s time for some Summer cleaning tips while school is out. Your children are home for the summer and you’ll notice a definite change in the flow of your day, and your tidy and lovely home may experience a bit more mess. While the weather is nice and warm and the sun is shining, note that summer usually presents some unique messes, such as grass stains and dollops of melted ice cream. You’d definitely need some quick and simple home cleaning tips you can maintain all throughout the summer.

With its adventurous atmosphere, summer can be a challenging and tricky time for everyone to keep the house clean and tidy.  So, if you are finding it hard to keep your house spotless while the children are home, try these simple tips.

5 Home Cleaning Tips for Summer

(Quick and Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized in Summer)

1. Make Things Simple

This is probably the most important thing among these house cleaning tips you need to remember. You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time cleaning, especially when you can be out at a relaxing pool or beach and enjoying time with your kids – so make life a little easier wherever you can. 

An unmade bed, for example, can transform a fairly clean and beautiful room into an eyesore.  So, all you have to do is take a couple of minutes in the morning to make the bed to make the entire room feel and look cleaner. Similarly, you can make bathroom cleaning simpler by spraying an excellent leave-on cleaner in the shower when you use it and thoroughly wiping down counters regularly with cleaning wipes.

2. Disinfect all the Doorknobs

Just consider all the hand traffic that your doorknobs deal with: food deliveries, roommates, friends, you name it. And, now more than ever, you have to clean doorknobs, handles, and light switches, at least twice a week. This is important to keep germs and bacteria at bay. 

Fortunately, it is a quick, simple and painless task. You just need some disinfecting spray and a clean rag for this purpose. Wipe them down gently, and then let them air-dry.

3. Master the Art of Clutter Control

In most cases, daily clutter is one of the major reasons why a house looks untidy and messy. All you need to do is take five to ten minutes at the end of the day and pick up clutter. 

If you do that, your home will look much cleaner and welcoming without the need for dusting or wiping. You should put away any items, such as toys, shoes, tools, and electrical appliances, which aren’t in use in their rightful storage spaces.

4. Clean with Your Children

You can assign age-appropriate cleaning chores and duties to your kids each day in order to keep them cleaning along with you. Delegating some cleaning tasks, such as dishwashing, among the family members and kids is important. This is because everyone shares an interest in keeping the home clean and neat. 

Make sure that each kid has a specific chore or duty they are in charge of, like unloading the dishwasher or taking out the trash. You may also offer incentives for chores done, like extra time at the beach or park. 

5. Keep Bathroom Smelling Fresh with Essential Oils

Between children being home and guests and friends visiting, your bathroom definitely gets a real workout during summer.

And if you are planning on having more company and parties, you should keep your bathroom smelling fresh and looking clean at all times. You can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender oil, to the inner roll core of the toilet paper. Every time the toilet roll is used, the refreshing smell will be released.

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