Tips to Make Your Home More Marketable to Buyers

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Here are some tips to make your home more marketable to buyers.  When it comes time to sell your home, you will be competing with numerous other houses that likely have similar characteristics as your own. Especially if it’s a buyer’s market, you need to make your house stand out in the photos and during the open house. Here are 5 tips to make your home more marketable and appealing to buyers.

Tip 1: Fix All the Minor Problems

It’s time to get to the minor things that you have been putting off and likely stopped noticing altogether. By fixing the dent in the wall, the broken doorknob, the light switch that was accidentally installed upside down, the cracked tile, and the dead spots in the lawn, your home will be instantly more attractive.

A potential homebuyer will inspect the house and immediately notice the imperfections. The perfect home to a homebuyer is move-in ready. By tackling the little details, you are crossing things off their to-do list and making your home closer to that perfect standard.

Tip 2: Clean, Clean, Clean

Dirty homes are not aesthetically pleasing. Some people are adamant about a dust-free sparkling home. Others are a bit more flexible living with a certain level of dirt. Homebuyers place all over the cleanliness spectrum. However, when they are buying a “new” house, most people prefer the home to be clean and spotless.

As a result, tidy up your house and start deep cleaning. This includes attacking dust around the house, erasing fingerprints on every surface, and scrubbing the grime in your bathroom.

Tip 3: Neutral Paint

A fresh coat of paint can truly transform a home. However, choose a neutral color. The goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible. A loud paint color may detract from the house itself by drawing attention away from your home’s unique features.

While you may not want to repaint your entire house, at the very least, consider repainting just the rooms with brightly colored walls. Off-white tones can make your house more appealing, larger, and airier.

Tip 4: Update Your Lighting

Light fixtures can really date a house. Today, homebuyers want lots of light, natural and otherwise. Consider updating your light fixtures to make the room more contemporary and better lit. This home should strongly contrast a homebuyer’s grandmother’s dimly lit living room with all the heavy curtains drawn.

Additionally, let in as much natural light as possible. Sunshine brightens up a home and softens the environment.

Tip 5: De-Clutter and De-Personalize

Even though your home is still yours until you transfer the title, it’s best to avoid personalizing it too much. It’s important to de-clutter your house. A lot of stuff makes your home look dirty, disorganized, and smaller. This is especially true if you have walls of family photos, floor to ceiling murals, and your car collectibles all out on display.

Instead, make your home seem bigger by putting any unnecessary possessions in a storage facility. Consider selling excess furniture or storing it elsewhere. Remember to remove personal photos because you want your homebuyer to picture themselves living in your home. This is more difficult to do if they are looking at your family’s last summer vacation pictures.

Finally, it’s recommended to remove everything from your bathroom counters, bathtubs, and showers. Leave a few decorative items like a hand towel, bath salts, and a candle. However, it’s best to put away all personal care items.

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