7 Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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Summertime home maintenance is here. That means school is out, more barbeques, and pool parties. To prepare your home to welcome guests and protect your home from the onslaught of the summer heat, here are seven easy spring to summer maintenance tips for your home.


1. Inspect the Air Conditioner

It’s a good idea to test your air conditioner before you actually need it. After nearly a year of non-use, your unit may need repairs or maintenance. You’ll likely get better and quicker service if you contact an HVAC company or an air conditioning technician before the season is at its peak.


Additionally, while you may need a professional service to clean and maintain your central air-conditioning unit, if you have a window unit, you be may be able to clean the filter yourself. Clean air conditioning filters mean cleaner indoor air as well as a savings of 5% to 15% percent in energy costs.


2. Clean Your Outdoor Cooker

Your barbeque grill has probably been in storage for the past year. Before you break out the burgers and hotdogs, your outdoor cooker needs a deep cleaning.


For gas grills, close the lid and turn the heat up high. This method is similar to a self-cleaning oven. After about a half hour, allow the grill to cool and use a grill brush to collect debris. Afterward, wipe down the exterior and clean the drip pans.


For charcoal grills, remove all ashy residue. Clean the entire grill with a sponge, hot water, and liquid dishwashing soap. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly and wipe down the interior and exterior before using.


3. Tend to Your Garden

You may have already planted your seedlings for your garden. However, as the summer heat becomes more intense, consider laying down a layer of mulch to keep the weeds away and help the soil to retain its moisture. This will help your plants grow without drying out too quickly.


4. Check for Leaks

The summer months are sweltering and much dryer than the spring. It is critical to check hoses and faucets for leaks to conserve water. If you find a pinhole leak in a hose, allow it to dry before wrapping it in electrical tape.


5. Clean Your Garbage Disposal and Dishwasher

Food spoils faster in warmer temperatures. As a result, to fight food odors in your garbage disposal, grind up a citrus peel. The natural citric acid will clean any hard water buildup as well as attack odor-causing bacteria. For your dishwasher, make sure to run it at least once a month to wash the basin of the machine and prevent odors.


6. Clean Dryer Vents

While you may already know to clean the lint trap after each load of laundry, many people neglect to clean the vent that directs hot air out of your home. By cleaning your vents once a year, you prevent a fire hazard and hot air being blown back inside.

An alternative to using a dryer in the summer is to set up a drying rack or clothesline outside. Be sure to check with your homeowners’ association permits this in your community.


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