About Mortgage Rates: Almost Everything You Want to Know

Aug 12, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

All About Mortgage Rates Are you looking for some news or information about mortgage rates? Mortgage rates are the interest rates assigned to a...

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Qualifying for an FHA Loan in 5 Steps

Aug 07, 2020 (0) comment , ,

Qualifying for an FHA Loan (Easy Guide) The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) provides people from both low and moderate income families an opportunity to...

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Can You Get A Mortgage With Credit Card Debt?

Aug 05, 2020 (1) comment ,

In the market for a new home? Maybe not… Maybe you’re just looking to refinance an existing home loan. The FHA makes home financing...

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A First Time Buyers Guide to the FHA Loan

Jul 31, 2020 (0) comment ,

FHA Loans: First Time Buyers Guide If you are buying a home for the first time, then you would need a first time buyers...

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Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate

Jul 24, 2020 (0) comment , ,

How Does Credit Score Affect Mortgage Rate? If you’re a first-time home buyer and you’re asking the question “Does credit score affect mortgage rate?”...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Credit Ratings

Jul 22, 2020 (0) comment , ,

All About Credit Ratings It was a chance debate one day among my esteemed colleagues who, fueled by myths and misunderstandings, were being vocal...

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Avoid These FHA Loan Pitfalls

Jul 20, 2020 (0) comment , ,

Want to be a homeowner with only a small down payment to begin with? You’re probably considering FHA loans then. They are a popular...

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You Can Still Refinance Your Mortgage with Bad Credit

Jul 18, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

Refinancing your mortgage is completely possible, even if you have low or bad credit. If you’re lucky, you might even get home loans for...

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Why You’ll Need Good Credit to Remodel Your Home (How to Get Remodeling Funds)

Jul 15, 2020 (0) comment , , , ,

Home remodels can get quite expensive, which means that you’ll need solid financing options to help. This might include government financing programs, home equity...

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Advocate’s Tips on Getting a Mortgage with Low Credit

Jul 11, 2020 (3) comments , ,

Forget the myths surrounding low credit scores. People with low credit scores can also apply for mortgage under some conditions. Generally, a credit score...

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