Q&A for First time buyers (VA and FHA loans)

Apr 27, 2019 (0) comment

Buying a new house is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. After spending ample amount of time in a rented home,...

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Step-By-Step Guide to the FHA Home Loan Process

Apr 02, 2018 (0) comment

So you’re growing your family, or you’re tired of wasting money on rent. Or you’re just tired of city life and ready to move...

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Bad Credit Mortgage: 5 Things You Need to Know

Mar 24, 2018 (0) comment

Qualifying For A Mortgage Despite Bad Credit There’s no reason that bad credit should keep your from owning a home. Here’s what you need...

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Getting A Mortgage You Can Afford

Oct 17, 2017 (0) comment

Buying a house is something that requires you to determine just exactly what you can comfortably afford. The last thing you want is to...

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FHA Appraisal Checklist

Sep 26, 2017 (0) comment

Of the FHA guidelines that must be satisfied to get approved for a mortgage, FHA lenders will require that your property meet specific appraisal...

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Can You Get A Mortgage With Credit Card Debt?

Sep 25, 2017 (0) comment

In the market for a new home? Maybe not… Maybe you’re just looking to refinance an existing home loan. The FHA makes home financing...

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Home Loan Rates Today

Aug 28, 2017 (0) comment

With interest rates seasonally low over the summer months, home loan rates today will most likely level off as September draws closer. Summer is...

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Be Ready For These FHA Loan Closing Costs

Aug 17, 2017 (0) comment

The home loan search entails more than home tours and deciding on the mortgage option that makes the most sense. Many buyers, mostly when...

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7 Documents You Need When Applying For a Home Loan 

Aug 11, 2017 (0) comment

As you get deep into your search for a home loan, it is important to be prepared. This means educating yourself on the general...

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Five of the Best VR Real Estate Apps

Aug 10, 2017 (0) comment

The real estate industry is getting turned upside by technology. Mobile apps are changing the home loan application process AND the search process. Today,...

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