How Does Money Laundering Work in Real Estate?

Dec 09, 2019 (0) comment

About $1.6 trillion is laundered around the world. Money laundering is illegal but common in many industries, including real estate. It takes “dirty money” or “hot...

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What is Ingress and Egress in Real Estate?

Dec 06, 2019 (0) comment

If you own property, it only seems logical that you have the right to enter and exit your land. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, it’s...

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When is the Best Time to List my Home for Sale?

Dec 04, 2019 (0) comment

Selling your home is a huge decision. Every homeowner wishes that their investment, which they have diligently been caring for over the years, will...

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What is the difference between PMI (MI) and MIP?

Nov 19, 2019 (0) comment

What is PMI? What is the difference between PMI (MI) and MIP?  PMI is private mortgage insurance, or more simply mortgage insurance (MI). It...

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What Happened During the 2007-2008 Mortgage Crisis?

Nov 14, 2019 (0) comment

The 2007-2008 mortgage crisis is one component of the 2008 financial crisis that contributed to the Great Recession. This was the worst economic disaster...

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Warning Signs Not to Buy That House

Nov 12, 2019 (0) comment

When searching for a new home, it’s wise to look beyond the list price and beware of falling in love too quickly.  There are...

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What Happens After You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Nov 07, 2019 (0) comment

Paying off your mortgage can be a huge relief. In fact, it’s a momentous occasion – a milestone in your financial career.  What happens...

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How Can You Make Your Offer or Bid Stand Out?

Nov 04, 2019 (0) comment

Depending on the market you’re looking to buy in, your need to be competitive could be extreme. Some areas are very popular and have...

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Tips to Stage Your Home to Sell

Oct 31, 2019 (0) comment

Many homebuyers begin their house shopping experience online. They scroll through multiple listings and view photos online before considering going to see the house...

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What is Investment Yield?

Oct 29, 2019 (0) comment

Yield is how much you make annually from a real estate investment.  Yield can take on many meanings in finance. It plays an important...

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