FHA Loan FAQ – Common Homebuyer Questions

Aug 06, 2017 (0) comment

Searching for a home is an exciting process and there are many questions that are asked about mortgages and home buying. Whether you have...

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What Happens When My FHA Loan Application Is Denied?

Aug 02, 2017 (0) comment

At FHA Loan Search, we have touched on what happens following the good news that your FHA loan application is approved! So what happens...

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What Happens After Your FHA Loan Approval?

Jul 31, 2017 (0) comment

It’s been a busy, long several months of touring homes and meeting with your realtor and mortgage broker. Finally, you have been given the...

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FHA Debt Ratio Guidelines in 2017

Jul 28, 2017 (0) comment , ,

When someone is looking to qualify for a home loan, in addition to income and credit history, the borrower’s debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is going...

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FHA Loan Recording Process Basics

Jul 26, 2017 (0) comment

The FHA loan recording process takes place during every successful home purchase. Recording happens after funding and when mortgage documents have been physically delivered...

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FHA Qualifications and Tips To Get Approved

Jul 26, 2017 (2) comments , ,

How do you meet FHA qualifications? How exactly do you get approved? FHA loan qualification is an important process that typically comes before you...

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FHA Mortgage Underwriting Process

Jul 24, 2017 (0) comment , , ,

The loan origination process is a process where a borrower applies for a new home loan and the lender processes the mortgage application. Loan...

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FHA Loan Funding Process

Jul 21, 2017 (0) comment

For both the broker and the home buyer, entering into the FHA loan funding process is an encouraging and exciting phase. As a buyer,...

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Mortgage Processing Delays: Need To Know Info

Jul 18, 2017 (0) comment

One thing many first time homebuyers don’t realize is that a routine home purchase may require cooperation from a surprisingly high number of people....

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Millennials and Mortgages: Why FHA Loans Are So Popular

Jul 14, 2017 (0) comment

The topic of millennials and mortgages is a hot topic among those in the real estate industry. According to a recent study, 35% of...

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