What is FICO?

Sep 05, 2019 (0) comment

Well, that is a loaded question. It’s one of those questions that illustrate the fact that we live in a world of dualities. There...

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5 Tips to Decorate on a Budget

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Sometimes we want a change in scenery, or we may not have been able to decorate when we first moved in. Even if you...

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Do you Really Need a Realtor to Purchase a House?

Aug 15, 2019 (0) comment , , , ,

Most people use a Realtor, or real estate agent, to help with the process as it can be rather daunting.  Purchasing a home is...

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Special Programs for First Time Homebuyers

Aug 06, 2019 (0) comment , , , , ,

You will be happy to know that there are, in fact, several special programs just for you as a first-time homebuyer!  For many, home...

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What is FICO?

Jul 30, 2019 (0) comment , , , ,

“What is FICO” is a loaded question. “What is FICO” is one of those questions that illustrate the fact that we live in a...

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7 Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Jul 25, 2019 (0) comment , , ,

Summertime home maintenance is here. That means school is out, more barbeques, and pool parties. To prepare your home to welcome guests and protect...

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Repeat Homebuyers Also Benefit From FHA Loans

Jul 23, 2019 (0) comment , , , ,

FHA Loan Checklist: What Do You Need to Qualify? Is FHA a Loan for First Time Homebuyers? The short answer is yes. However, FHA...

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5 Tips for a Stress Free Move – The Key to Surviving

Jul 03, 2019 (0) comment , ,

Uprooting your life by changing locations can be daunting. Moving can be overwhelming, whether it is from an apartment or a house. Sometimes moves...

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What is the FHA Streamline Benefits Program?

May 18, 2019 (0) comment

When you get a Federal Housing Agency (FHA) loan, your loan officer might have mentioned that a benefit of FHA loans is that it...

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Mortgage Processing Guide: How Long Does It Take to Get a Mortgage?

May 14, 2019 (0) comment

You’re eager to buy a new home or maybe even your first home. You’ve found the perfect home, the one in which you see...

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