Home Refinance – The Fallacy Of “Saving One Percent”

Jul 08, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

The Fallacy Of “Saving One Percent” On Your Home Refinance Mortgage The “Saving One Percent” home refinance argument is a holdover from the 1950s...

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Should I Lock or Float My Mortgage Interest Rate?

Jul 06, 2020 (0) comment ,

Mortgage rates lock or float? Should I lock or float my mortgage interest rate today? There’s never been a better time than 2020 to...

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FHA Fee/Costs – Are FHA Loans Expensive or Not?

Jul 04, 2020 (0) comment , ,

FHA loans are among the most popular types of mortgage available for US buyers. According to Bloomberg, the FHA provided for more than 27,000...

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How to Keep Your Attic Clean

Jul 01, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

How to Clean Out an Attic We usually overlook cleaning out and organizing our attic until we have to go up there and dig...

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Basement Remodeling Tips

Jun 29, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , ,

Is your basement dank, dark, or outdated? We all know that basements get a reputation for being damp, dark, cold, and dirty; however, they...

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Home Loans for Bad Credit

Jun 27, 2020 (6) comments ,

Get Home Loans for Bad Credit When you apply for a home loan, your credit history plays a very important role. If you happen...

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Q&A for the VA and FHA First Time Home Buyer

Jun 25, 2020 (3) comments , ,

Are you an aspiring VA or FHA first time home buyer? What actually are your loan options? Yes, it is true that buying a...

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When is the Best Time to Purchase a Home?

Jun 23, 2020 (1) comment ,

Timing is everything when you decide to become a new homeowner, and determining whether you’re ready to make your purchase can be tricky. Several...

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Painting Your Front Door? Read This First

Jun 18, 2020 (0) comment , , , ,

Tips for Painting Your Front Door You probably know that painting your front door is perhaps one of the simplest, quickest, and most economical...

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List of FHA Programs for Your Next Home Loan Purchase

Jun 17, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

FHA has various types of real estate mortgage loan programs available. Note, these FHA programs have slightly different benefits to fit the financing needs...

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