What is the FHA Streamline Benefits Program?

May 18, 2019 (0) comment

When you get a Federal Housing Agency (FHA) loan, your loan officer might have mentioned that a benefit of FHA loans is that it...

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Q&A for First time buyers (VA and FHA loans)

Apr 27, 2019 (0) comment

Buying a new house is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. After spending ample amount of time in a rented home,...

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Your Guide to Understanding the Appraisal Process for an FHA Loan

Feb 28, 2019 (0) comment

If you have a minimum FICO score of 580, you might qualify for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. That means you can get...

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Is an FHA or Conventional Loan Right For You?

Aug 22, 2018 (0) comment

Deciding which mortgage loan will best help in buying your first home overwhelms most people. As a first time home buyer, you need to...

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Applying for an FHA Loan: How Much Can You Qualify and Afford?

Aug 21, 2018 (0) comment

Did you know FHA loans are easier to qualify for than conventional loans? They also have lower interest rates and require smaller down payments...

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The Ultimate 2018 FHA Underwriting Checklist

Jul 10, 2018 (0) comment

Are you in the midst of the mortgage application process? You’ve probably heard of mortgage underwriting and may be wondering what it is. Well,...

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What is an FHA Short Refinance Program and How Does it Work?

Apr 30, 2018 (0) comment

Upside-down or underwater. These aren’t words we normally like to use when we are talking about mortgages. But, as we all know, life happens....

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What You Need to Know About Your FHA Loan Down Payment

Apr 10, 2018 (0) comment

An FHA loan is a Federal Housing Administration mortgage issued by qualified banks and credit unions, backed by the government. FHA loans are popular...

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FHA Loan Checklist: What Do You Need to Qualify?

Apr 09, 2018 (0) comment

Applying to own your own home is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. The entire process requires organization and patience. Your lender will require a...

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Understanding FHA Guidelines: 3 Common Misconceptions

Apr 06, 2018 (0) comment

If you’re planning on buying a home, you might be considering an FHA loan. Navigating FHA guidelines can be tricky, as there are a...

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