Five of the Best VR Real Estate Apps

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best VR real estate apps

The real estate industry is getting turned upside by technology. Mobile apps are changing the home loan application process AND the search process. Today, home buyers are able to enjoy a virtual tour of home listings using mobile technology and virtual reality. Right now, it seems that realtors are investing in VR experiences for super high end real estate. Moving towards 2020, buyers can expect to see more than just the “Million Dollar Listing” real estate agents, architects and interior designers taking advantage of virtual reality. As this form of advertising becomes more mainstream, expect to see a lot more of it! To better prepare you for your next home purchase, the team at FHA Loan Search will share insight into five of the best VR real estate apps…. Read up and grab your low cost VR headset asap!

Matterport’s CoreVR Creates An Immersive Real Estate Experience

Matterport Real Estate VR App

You don’t happen to be looking for a penthouse in Midtown Manhattan do you? Maybe you’re in Dallas and are interested in buying something classic in Highland Park or trendy in the Uptown neighborhood? Matterport provides you with immersive, 3D experiences with its VR app and is easily available across a wide range of VR headsets. Real estate agents are using this to drive sales and better engage home buyers.

Matterport’s CoreVR currently has a library of over 300,000 spaces and real estate professionals are able to add to it using the Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera. With it’s Zillow integration, accessibility is simple granted you have a VR headset.

Check out Matterport on the iTunes and Google Play.

Smart2VR Combines Perfect 360-degree Photography With a Virtual Tour

Real Estate Mobile AppThe cool thing about Smart2VR is that is really democratizes VR for real estate. It is incredibly accessible for both real estate professionals, enthusiasts, investors, and normal home buyers. While the company offers a service where they’ll actually create the VR experience for you, the app really lets anyone make a virtual reality video. In fact, the company prides itself as the worlds “first self service virtual reality platform.” Realtors should take note that they do offer white labeled solutions so why not bring your listings to life with the power of this cool new technology.

Smart2VR Mobile App ScreenshotCheck out Smart2VR on Google Play and iOS.

Realvision (formerly Toursler) Upgrades Real Estate Marketing

Home Listings AppRealvision first hit the market as Toursler and is a technology company that provides photographers with a tool that creates immersive digital experiences for home buyers. The real estate market has been traditionally fragmented among buyers, mortgage brokers, banks, realtors, and others who play a role in the home purchase process. Realvision is a company that aims to bring people together in a simple yet beautiful way. Realvision provides an end-to-end platform that spans from real estate photography and content production to VR end user experiences that make business happen.

YouVisit Creates Interactive Mobile VR Experiences

YouVisit VR Tour AppYouVisit is really much more than just a real estate VR app. This is widely considered as one of the best-designed apps for virtual reality tours of any kind. The VR app is providing new ways to homes, hotels, and also to experience widely publicized events. As things go with the home purchase process, YouVisit does have a special section for real estate listings that offer 360-degree video. There is also a huge value add given by 360-degree interactive panoramic photos. Users are able to experience the scenery very simply by looking around. Simple is good and this requires no buttons or controllers to experience some strong value.

Check out YouVisit on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

YouTube Shocks Home Listings and Your Real Estate Experience

YouTube VR Real Estate Listings

YouTube will compel you to get with it and buy a low cost (typically under $100) VR headset. There is just SO much content to consume and the VR home listing experiences are unreal. YouTube has the widest selection of real estate listings however you should know that with that widespread adoption comes a “hit or miss” quality component. When you pull up YouTube, start with a simple search for “real estate vr” and use the search filter that only shows 360-degree videos. Click here for that filtered experience and you will quickly see several thousands of home listings to choose from.

In your search results, you will see a huge collection of virtual reality tours some pick the home listing that looks best to you! Currently, these are all viewable on both iOS and Android and many users leverage the Google Cardboard headset to view these.

Because the data that you’re consuming is truly 360 degree video photography, you are not exactly able to set your own pace and move around as you please… You are left to the mercy of the photographer’s edit so do be prepared to pause and restart the video as needed. We found that YouTube is a top choice because it simply has so much more content than the other choices mentioned above… though YouVisit is SUPER cool and the other options offer a ton of value to the right users. At the end of the day, your realtor may be using a platform that you may or may not be familiar with… Because VR home listing experiences are so inexpensive and gaining a ton of mainstream popularity, we have found that this is a great supplement to any search your real estate agent may be conducting on your behalf.

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