How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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get your home ready for summer

Summer is here with warmer weather and longer days. Is your home ready for the summer? If not, here’s how to get your home ready for summer. We will help you get your home in tip-top shape.

Summer is the best time of the year to get out your BBQ grill and spend some fun and quality weekends and evenings with your friends and family out on your patio or deck, so embrace those lazy, long, and hazy days with a couple of simple chores that, done in advance, will undoubtedly make your summer a warm and leisurely breeze.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your home ready for summer so that you and your friends and family members can unwind and fully enjoy this season this year.


Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Inspect and Repair Roofing and Siding

It is no secret that your home’s roof is crucial in protecting everything underneath it. Summer is a great time to inspect the roofing and siding of your home. This will help you find any damage that might have occurred during spring or winter storms. You have to remove and carefully replace caulking as needed on siding windows and replace or repair any damaged roofing to get your home summer-ready.


Pack Away Your Winter Clothes

It is the right time to put away all the heavy jackets, jumpers, and boots. This is important, as you will not need them during the summer. In addition, it will free up plenty of extra space for various items you will be wearing regularly during summer.


Invite Summer Indoors

To have a summer-ready home, you can make your interiors summery and nice with sun-kissed windows that have fresh, breezy window treatment and sparkling-clean glass. You can also bring the outdoors in by creating a little herb garden in your kitchen, picking up a few new indoor plants,  or cutting a couple of blooms from the garden in order to style your coffee table.


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Service Your Air Conditioner

It is better to take some time out now to ensure that your AC is in good working condition before the heat arrives. Dirty and clogged filters make your air conditioning system work harder, stay on considerably longer and cost more to operate. You can begin by replacing the air filter and thoroughly cleaning the area around the AC unit and vents.


Trim the Trees

It is important to clean up your yard by carefully directing the growth of tree branches. It is no secret that summer is the best time for pruning. It will keep your trees and shrubs attractive and healthy. Hire an expert in case you need help with pruning.


Tidy Up the Flower Beds

First, you should clear out weeds and then use a spade in order to redefine bed edges. If it is tightly packed, you should till the top inch or two of soil; however, be careful and do not disturb any bulbs below. It is best to apply two to three inches of mulch.


Clean Your Windows and Screens

It is an ideal time to wash your windows when the weather warms up. Note that spring is the best time to remove and thoroughly clean storm windows as they have spent the last couple of months keeping out the frigid cold.

To make your windowpanes sparkle, you should fill a spray bottle with a window cleaning solution, and use a squeegee or newspaper to leave them streak-free. If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves for protection.


Want to share more ideas to get your home ready for summer? Comment them below.


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