Property Survey (Land Surveyor)


What is a Property Survey?

A property survey is when a land surveyor takes measurements to identify the boundaries of a property. Afterward, the land surveyor will prepare reports, maps, and plots, to inform the homeowner of his or her legal rights as well as any potential restrictions on the property.

For example, some pieces of land have easements, which allow another party the right to access a portion of your property. Alternatively, a land survey may reveal an encroachment, or if a property owner has illegally built a structure on your property.


Benefits of a Property Survey

1. When Buying Property

A land survey gives you a comprehensive report about the property. This information can help you make an informed decision before closing.

The survey will inform you of any issues with easements, encroachments, and even tell you if the land is in a flood zone.

2. New Construction

If you intend to build a new structure on your property, you’ll need a survey to let you know if there are any restrictions and the boundary of where you can build.

3. Resolve Disputes

A survey is a clear cut way to show what belongs to you, especially if you have a dispute with a neighbor regarding fence locations and boundary lines.


Types of Land Surveys

There are 5 Common Types of Lane Surveys.

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is the most basic type of survey. This report establishes the property’s legal boundaries.

Location Survey

A location survey is also known as a mortgage survey. Lenders and title companies typically require a location survey during the loan process. A location survey includes boundaries of the land with locations of any buildings.

New Construction Survey

A new construction survey involves several tiers of surveys, such as boundary, topography, and location surveys before new construction can begin.

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey can divide a piece of land into smaller lots, estates or tracts. This survey usual includes a topographic survey.

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey includes man-made and natural features on a map. A record of topography, such as trees, elevation, and buildings are especially significant before lot development.


Cost of Surveys

Property surveys can cost between a few hundred dollars, for the most basic type, to several thousand dollars, for surveys that require several different tiers.

Land surveys can be done by a private company as well as the county’s property surveyor. It is recommended to get quotes to find the best price.