Termite Inspection


Termite Inspection – What is it?  Termites are little insects that can wreak havoc on a home. They live in wood structures and often infest and eat wood, walls, and even furniture. Termites cause the most damage to a home if they have eaten away at a home’s foundation which require significant repairs.

A Termite Inspection can help identify problem areas, potential issues, and may be required for your home loan.

What Is a Termite Inspection?

This is similar to a regular home inspection where a qualified inspector does a visual assessment of a home.  The inspector searches for evidence of the existence of termites in readily accessible areas of the house.

For instance, the inspector will examine the interior of a home, such as the basement or crawlspace, as well as the exterior of the property. The entire inspection should take approximately 1 hour to complete, depending on the size of the home.


What Does It Cover?

A termite inspector has a separate certification from a home inspector. He or she will meticulously examine the inside and outside of your home.

Most inspections usually include a visual examination of every room in the house, the subfloor, such as a basement or crawlspace, roof voids, and retaining walls. The inspector may also take a look at any outdoor structures.  This would include a shed or garage, fences, or tree stumps.

The trained termite inspector will look for evidence of damage, nests, and existing colonies.


How Much Does It Cost?

The average termite inspection is approximately $100.  Actual costs depend on the size and details of your home.  Some companies offer free termite inspection services if the inspection is not tied to the purchase of a home.


When is a Termite Inspection Required for a Loan?

Some lenders require a termite inspection for a loan.   FHA and VA loans require an investigation if your home appraisal finds evidence of an active infestation.  If your state requires one, or if the property is located in a Termite Infestation Probability (TIP) zone, it will also be a requirement.