What is Zillow?

What is it and how does it work? In a nutshell, Zillow is a comprehensive real estate site that serves the full lifecycle for homebuyers, as well as renters. They are most famous for their database of 110 million homes in the United States. They also have sophisticated algorithms to calculate Zestimate home values as well as Rent Zestimates.

You can buy, sell, rent, and even finance your home through Zillow.  Additionally, it can connect you to local professionals, including real estate agents and property managers, to assist you in your home buying experience.


Features of Zillow.com


Homebuyers can browse Zillow’s database of homes and apartments in the United States. It can show houses currently for sale, potential listings, homes that have been sold, as well as properties for rent.


Renters and rental managers will connect you on Zillow’s Rent platform. It also supports prospective renters to fill out rental applications and rental managers to receive and process these submissions.


As a homeowner, you can post a home for sale as well as sell homes to Zillow.

Home Loans

Zillow connects homebuyers with lenders to assist with mortgage financing. The platform also has an assortment of home loan calculators to help consumers get a better idea of what they can afford.

Agent Finder

The website has a list of professionals across several industries to help homeowners and homebuyers. You can find a local real estate agent, home improvement professional, builders, photographers, and more to fit your needs.


What is a Zestimate?

A Zestimate is Zillow’s estimate of a home’s value or the market rental rate based on publicly available information.  Zestimates do not replace home appraisals and should not be used as a basis for any financial transaction. Instead, they serve as a starting point to give homebuyers and renters an idea of comparable properties.