Why Living on the East Coast Can Be So Delightful

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living on the east coast

East Coast living is a different experience, both culturally and historically, from living anywhere in the US such as California or Seattle. If you are considering moving to the US East Coast for the first time, you will be glad to know that living on the East Coast can be so delightful and entertaining. From museums to beaches, life on the East Coast can be exciting and fun for many reasons.


Top/ Best Reasons for Living on the East Coast


There is no denying that one of the most important things to consider about life on the US East Coast is where you will lay your head at night. It is worth noting that renting an apartment on the East Coast, such as in North Carolina and New Jersey, is a very different experience (specifically, cheapest) compared to other states in the country. A few major cities on the East Coast, such as Boston and New York, are expensive, but many lesser-known towns and cities along the Atlantic are quite affordable.

The US East Coast is actually not the most expensive place to rent, which often comes as a surprise to many people. Did you know that only five of the top 20 most expensive cities to rent an apartment in are on the US East Coast?


Richer History

Since the invasion of the US East Coast by Europeans, the East Coast has a much richer heritage and history. This is evident in the more developed building architecture and infrastructure, such as in Virginia and New York City. Also, keep in mind that museums are more prevalent on the East Coast, and attractions are more fun and exciting. Cities like Long Branch in New Jersey and Captiva in Florida are a hotspot for tourists.


The Appalachia Region

It is worth noting that mountains and mountain ranges have always evoked emotion from the human spirit. As a result, these vast and incredible landmasses have defined whole regions. And you can tie the history of several cultures to their proximity to specific mountain ranges. The great thing is that the Appalachia Range runs along most of the US East Coast, which makes it so appealing to people.



Did you know that certain foods, like hot pastrami sandwiches, cheese-steaks, and pizza, always seem more delicious on the US East Coast for some reason? The fact is that when you eat a hot and tasty pastrami sandwich at the Katz’s Deli in New York City, it is more authentic given the rich history.


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Availability of Mass Transit

This is another reason the East Coast trumps other parts of the country. If you have ever considered ditching your vehicle (and the various costs that come along with it), there is nowhere to do so better and easier than on the US East Coast. Did you know that four of the top five largest public transit systems in the country are in the Northeast? This is why residents of cities, such as NYC, on the East Coast, rely less on their own cars for commuting.


The Big Apple

There is no doubt that one of the best things about life on the US East Coast is that it is home to one of the world’s most popular and major cities, if not *the best place to live on the east coast. Although there are many large cities, such as Los Angeles, on the West Coast, they cannot compare to New York City in terms of size and diversity.


The Everglades

Have you ever been to the Everglades?  If you have, you will know that they are unlike anything else you will see in the US. As the Everglades are so rich and unique, they are a plus for the US East Coast.


So, are you now considering a home on the East Coast?


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