Safe Ways to Sell Your Home during the Coronavirus

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sell your home during the coronavirus

Safe ways to sell your home during the Coronavirus, are they possible?

You probably know that selling a house can be an overwhelming experience. This is because it could cost more and take longer than you think. In addition, it can be emotionally draining.  And that is when the situation is normal.  When you are looking to sell your home in a pandemic, such as COVID-19, it adds new safety and health concerns to the mix.

While selling a house during the coronavirus might be tricky, the latest real estate market news indicates that many homebuyers in the US property market would like to purchase houses. However, keep in mind that buyers are now shifting to a virtual home buying experience in the US, including live video-chat tours.

Therefore, if you are planning to sell your house in 2020, here is what you need to do.


Leverage Online Marketing and Virtual Reality

It is no secret that open houses are not available in most locations because of social distancing measures in many states and cities in the US. However, in recent years, the popularity of online resources has given homebuyers and sellers new and innovative options.

Although online sites, such as Zillow and, have been effectively using video and many other virtual technologies for several years, “the current situation” has indeed accelerated the use and need of these tech tools.

Did you know that the home-listing website Zillow recently stated that it saw a nearly 200% increase in the creation of innovative 3D home tours in just one week compared to the number in February, indicating that people are still ready to buy?

Today, most real estate agents in the country have quickly adapted to the situation by using virtual open houses, remote client meetings, and digital closing tools. A comprehensive video tour of your house is probably the best way to go in 2020 if you would like to sell your home in this age of technology.


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Clean Your Home Thoroughly both Before and After Showings

It is essential to clean your home as well as you can both before and after any showings to create the safest and cleanest environment for all involved.

Also, if you have lined up a serious homebuyer who would like to see your house in person, then set up a safe one-on-one visit to your house that adheres to all protocols in order to keep both homebuyers and sellers safe and healthy. In addition, you may want to have a few personal hygiene products, such as hand sanitizers, for homebuyers to use while they view your home.


In-Person Contact Is Not Necessary for Inspections and Appraisals

In most cases, home sellers have to permit the buyer’s appraisers and inspectors into their homes to make sure the property deal can go forward. However, nowadays, social distancing orders allow for inspections and home appraisals with minimal contact.

Inspectors are following the CDC guidelines, with homebuyers wearing masks, booties, and gloves.  They can perform appraisals by simply driving by the home if the lender allows it, or viewing photographs of the property, which means the appraiser does not have to set foot in your home.  Therefore, it is better to ask whether these options are acceptable in your area.


Use E-Signing Programs and Teleconferencing to Negotiate Contracts

You can handle an offer digitally. Because of the latest technology, many e-signing programs are available that you can use for signing contracts without going into an office and meeting with your agent.

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