Should you Attend HOA Meetings?


If you own a home in a community under a Homeowners’ Association‘s (HOA) jurisdiction, you are automatically a member of the HOA committee. Here are 6 reasons why you should attend your HOA meetings.

Why Attend HOA Meetings

1. Put Your Fees to Work

You are likely paying monthly or annual HOA fees. You should expect to have a say in how your money is spent. HOA meetings may take votes to see how the majority of the homeowners feel about an issue, such as how the association is run, projects for the future, the current budget, or even electing new board members. By attending meetings, you know what is happening with the money you are giving and have a fair say in the HOA itself.

2. Resolve Issues in Your Neighborhood

We may not always get along with our neighbors, or we may have an issue in the community. HOA meetings give homeowners the chance to voice their concerns in front of the community, which may help resolve issues faster.

3. Understanding Property and Community Laws

HOAs have three governing documents: Rules and Regulations, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R), and Bylaws. CC&R covers what the HOA does and is filed with the state, whereas the Bylaws cover how the HOA governs. The Rules and Regulations dictate the community’s practices but can be revised and changed with an HOA board vote. These meetings can help you understand your rights and the laws of the community you live in.

4. Connect with Neighbors

People getting together for a common cause may build relationships and friendships. HOA meet-ups are a perfect chance to get to know your neighbors. Resolving issues between friends is much easier than settling disputes between strangers.

5. Community Work

HOA meetings inform and allow homeowners to participate in community work, such as gardening clubs and community yard sales. You can play an active role in building up your neighborhood.

6. Stay Informed

HOA meetings are the number one way to stay informed. You may have access to meeting minutes, newsletters, and possibly email updates about ongoing issues, concerns, and discussions. Most importantly, you’ll learn how and why decisions were made as opposed to suddenly finding out after the HOA has already ruled.

Types of HOA Meetings You Should Attend, and One You Cannot

  • HOA Annual Meeting: Annual meetings are typically where members obtain the HOA’s new budget and elect board members.
  • HOA Board Meeting: Most HOAs hold board meetings monthly or quarterly. These meetings are for noticed items only, such as operations review, resolve disputes, or discuss future plans.
  • Emergency Meeting: This is a meeting that requires immediate attention that occurs without notice.
  • Executive Sessions: Members cannot attend an executive session. These are private discussions by the HOA board.

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