Check All the Boxes for These FHA Loan Qualifications and Steps

Aug 28, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

Congratulations! You have all the requirements for qualifying for the FHA loan! Once you are aware of the minimal requirements of getting the FHA...

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4 Mortgage Tips for First Time Buyers

Aug 21, 2020 (1) comment , , ,

First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Tips Home buying is always an exciting venture, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However,...

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All About Mortgage Rates: Almost Everything You Want to Know

Aug 12, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

All About Mortgage Rates Are you looking for some news or information about mortgage rates? Mortgage rates are the interest rates assigned to a...

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Qualifying for an FHA Loan in 5 Steps

Aug 07, 2020 (2) comments , ,

Qualifying for an FHA Loan (Easy Guide) The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) provides people from both low and moderate income families an opportunity to...

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Can You Get A Mortgage With Credit Card Debt?

Aug 05, 2020 (1) comment ,

In the market for a new home? Maybe not… Maybe you’re just looking to refinance an existing home loan. The FHA makes home financing...

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Avoid These FHA Loan Pitfalls

Jul 20, 2020 (0) comment , ,

Want to be a homeowner with only a small down payment to begin with? You’re probably considering FHA loans then. They are a popular...

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List of FHA Programs for Your Next Home Loan Purchase

Jun 17, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

FHA has various types of real estate mortgage loan programs available. Note, these FHA programs have slightly different benefits to fit the financing needs...

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Can You Get Out of a Real Estate Contract?

Feb 26, 2020 (0) comment , ,

It may have seemed like you found the ideal house to purchase. It was walking distance to great restaurants, cinemas, and stores, close to...

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How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A Home?

Oct 15, 2019 (0) comment , ,

This seems like a straightforward question that should have a straightforward answer right?  How much money do I need to buy a home?  Well,...

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How to Get Bad Credit Mortgage Loans (Guide to Home Loans with Poor Credit)

Aug 28, 2018 (0) comment ,

Have you been dreaming about buying a house? Think your poor credit will get in the way? We’ve all been there. Missing payments or...

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